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Termidor vs  Altriset: What is the best treatment?


Termidor has been approved in California for both subterranean and drywood termites for almost 15 years and has a proven record as a reliable low-risk termiticide. Termidor is not systemic and does not affect plant life around your home. Termidor’s active ingredient, Fipronil, is the same ingredient used in many flea and tick control products like Frontline.  For localized treatment of Drywood termites Buena Vista Company- The Pest Guys chooses Termidor.


Altriset has a unique “mode of action” and is the first termiticide product with an active ingredient from the anthranilic diamide class of chemistry. Altriset was developed by DuPont USA from research over a ten year period into insecticidal properties of substances found in bark of trees and shrubs of the Ryania genus. Mimicking these natural substances is an important innovation in termite control. As a result Altriset has a very low impact on the environment, including mammals, birds, bees, fish and other animals.

Treating for Subterranean Termites with Altriset by Dupont USA

How it works…

  • The first termites to come into contact with Altriset walk through it, ingest it and carry it on their bodies. They cannot taste or smell it.
  • Within several hours, the mouths of exposed termites become paralyzed to stop further feeding.
  • Exposed termites experience increased grooming and interaction so that they spread Altriset among other colony members.
  • Over time, termites become more lethargic and show signs of muscle paralysis and eventually die. The entire colony will perish in 8-12 weeks.

Peace of Mind…

Unique Safety Profile: Altriset is the first and only soil treatment termiticide to be classified by EPA in USA as a Reduced-Risk Pesticide- a very strong endorsement by the EPA. Altriset has the distinction of being the only termiticide that is not required to have WARNING or even CAUTION on its label. Because of this NO specific FIRST AID required when using Altriset. Even if the product is splashed in someone’s eyes the EPA and AVPMA do not require or recommend any first aid procedures. No mandatory need to rinse eyes, rinse skin or call a poison control center. No protective equipment gloves or eyewear need be worn by the pesticide applicator who may work with this product on a daily basis.

A single Altriset application can provide subterranean termite protection “for 5 years” applied in accordance with Pesticide Label. Laboratory Studies show (1) Almost 60% of the Altriset chemical remains active even after 5 years in a pre-construction new home situation. (2) After 1 year in a post-construction existing home situation, more than 80% of the Altriset chemical remains active.